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About Lake 1

Lake 1 at Carp & Cats has been a well established haven for fish for over 10 years. The lake was formerly owned by a French family who used it as their holiday home. It seems though that no fishing ever took place. Rumour has it that the French only fish to eat and not for pleasure so they missed out on the joys of sitting on these sleepy banks with a rod in hand. The lake is three acres in size, set in ten acres of beautiful tranquil and secluded woodland, all of which is securely fenced but with easy vehicle access. It is fed by several natural springs with varying depths to cater for all types of angling. Ideally suited to four anglers with a maximum of six permitted. There is a small island adorned by one of many beautiful overhanging silver birch trees making an ideal spot to fish to. You may prefer to stalk in the margins or fish our open water. All of this is possible here. The hard bottom of the lake combined with gravel bars allows perfect bait presentation. Click on the image below to watch our feature video of lake 1.

Carp & Cats France - Lake 1

For the less mobile angler, the flat banks are ideal for easy access. With depths ranging from 18 inches to 14 feet with no snags the lake is perfect for any type of fishing. All of these features will add to the fun of fishing at the Carp and Cats location. The lake is stocked with the highest quality carp – sourced originally from the most reputable fish farmer in France. There is a mixture of commons, mirrors and grass’, including plenty of hard fighting carp up to 54lbs+. There is also a large head of catfish up to 107lbs+, with none less than double figures. We have a large stock pond and two basins that enable us to keep the fish population at an optimum level for all of our anglers. This will ensure you don’t go short of a decent run or two.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature, in good quality, very comfortable accommodation, not even a stone’s throw away from your dream swim. That’s only just the beginning! As well as the fishing there is so much to see, hear and do in the region. For you nature lovers out there, expect to see a whole host of birds including Red Kites, Buzzards, Cuckoos, Woodpeckers and even Kingfishers. Enjoy the numerous activities available in the surrounding locality. Maybe hire a bike and explore some of the wonderful woodlands. Or just relax and unwind in the peace and tranquillity at Carp and Cats.

Anyway back to the fishing…I’m here to give hand's on help and guidance or to take the memorable photo of that dream catch. For our anglers there is the excitement of landing many virgin fish that have never been caught before. Whether it‘s just the fishing you are after or a good variety of activities, we offer the perfect location in the most stunning surroundings for a superb and unforgettable holiday.

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Lake 1 map

Lake 1 map
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